Cost Savings

One of the biggest motivations for having a central solution to signage is the expense reduction for a given unit – your unit will not pay for the CoolSign software. As a whole, the university also saves on the licensing of the single software product – this, in turn, allows us to connect our other systems to this platform with guaranteed compatibility across campus.

A unit is responsible for the cost of their hardware and installation. We work with UBC IT – AV Group to assess your hardware requirements (different for each application and planned usage of signage) and installation. UBC IT – AV Group provides competitive pricing for robust hardware and secure installations. As a whole team, the Digital Signage group stays up to date with industry trends and technologies to best inform our service to UBC.

Costs covered by UBC IT:

Expected costs covered by the UBC Unit

  • Server Infrastructure
  • Licensing (CoolSign, MS SQL Server 2008)
  • Networking infrastructure
  • Operational maintenance (firewall, monitoring, backup/restore, etc.)
  • Support (trouble calls related to the digital signage service)
  • CoolSign software installation and configuration for manager and player nodes
  • CoolSign software manager application usage training (and documentation)
  • Content creation training (basics)
  • Flat Panel Display(s)
  • Display panel installations costs (e.g. electrical, data ports, etc.)
  • Display PC(s)
  • Manager PC(s)/Laptop(s)
  • Content creation (e.g. employee time, consultants)

UBC IT – AV Group has provided a PDF of price estimates (this information is subject to change). It’s important to note that installations vary in price and are dependent on the different usage scenarios of any given unit.