Any system is only as effective as how it’s used, and while we’ve moved forward with a platform that’s relatively easy to use we are committed to ensuring that each unit can make the most of the software by providing individual training, support materials, and a point of contact for any quick questions.

Here’s a run-down of what would be covered through CoolSign training that we would provide:


  • Everyone in a unit who would be managing content on a digital sign with the addition of an alternate designate in case of management issues that would arise during a primary manager’sĀ absence.


  • As a part of the on-boarding process for a unit, the training would take place before the system is activated on-site to ensure that operational standards are followed.
  • Sessions would be offered as needed and would run for 3 hours (suggested time for basic training from CoolSign).

What would be covered?

  • Structure of network/where your sign fits
  • ExplanationĀ of CoolSign software modules/User interface overview
  • Content creation
    • Design specification (file types, resolution, etc)
    • Template usage
    • Best practice
    • Brand adaptation
  • Content Management
    • Adding/Modifying/Removing content
    • Using playlists and channels