CoolSign 5 Upgrade Notice – Information for Content Managers

As a digital signage content administrator, you should already have the following software installed locally on your computer:

  • The Cisco AnyConnect client,
  • The CoolSign Network Manager (CNM) and
  • The CoolSign Content Wizard

After the service upgrade, you should no longer use any of the CoolSign applications installed on your local computer to access the UBC Digital Signage service – the software is not compatible with the new release of CoolSign running on the back-end servers.

After the service upgrade, the CoolSign Network Manager and Content Wizard applications will be accessible on a central server. You will need the following to connect to the central server:

  • Remote Desktop Client
    • For Windows users, to find the “Remote Desktop Connection”, click on the Start button, click All Programs, and then click Accessories.
    • For Mac users, you will need to download and install a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client of your choice (Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac comes with an application called “Remote Desktop Connection”)
  • Accessing the CNM and Content Wizard applications after the service upgrade
    • Start up your Remote Desktop Client application
    • Login in with your account
    • Start up the required signage software
    • For access to the CoolSign Network Manager