Signage Showcase: The School of Population & Public Health

We recently completed an installation at the School of Population and Public Health. Here are some words from staff members from the school on their experience so far:

“Our School moved into a newly renovated building last year and a digital monitor and equipment were included in the renovations. The Digital Signage team came in to install the CoolSign software and provide training at my desk, which allowed us to easily launch our digital signage and “go live” with central UBC content immediately after the software installation. The software is user-friendly and allows me to schedule content easily. And the best part is there’s no cost to us because of the central UBC licence. Our next step will be to start creating content on news and events happening within our building, and to share that content across other signs both here on campus and at Robson Square. Overall, it will be an effective communications tool for spreading our good news to the campus community and visitors.”
– Patricia Hall, Communications Manager, School of Population and Public Health

“The digital sign creates a presence here at SPPH. Because of the sign’s placement in our front entrance, faculty, staff, students and the public can view it as they pass through. It makes me feel like there’s always action happening in the building. The information on the sign is very helpful and makes us feel like we’re a part of the UBC community.”
– Virginia Anthony, Senior Administrator, School of Population and Public Health

You can drop by and see the installation in their lobby at 2206 East Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3, Canada.