The Search for Content, Part 3

Another source of great content has been student photography. From the start of January 2011 we’ve had pictures from two student photogs – Rabi Sun and Tim Blonk. (Photo Credit: Rabi Sun (Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Middle), Tim Blonk (Top Middle, Bottom Left, Bottom Right))

Here are a few words from Tim on why he’s into photography:

“For me photography is all about freezing the present and defining a moment in space and time. When that satisfying ‘click’ of the shutter is heard, I know that no one else will ever be able to make that exact same picture.

Since I was 8 years old I always wanted to get my hands on my parent’s camera, though they rarely allowed me to even come within a metre of it. Three years ago I bought a point-and-shoot camera, and in February of 2010 I decided it was time to upgrade to a DSLR. It opened a whole new world to me, and within a couple weeks I had watched hundreds of ‘how-to’ YouTube videos all about photography.

Today I am a photography-addict and there is no changing that. There is so much to learn about photography and there are so many things to try out, making it a truly infinite hobby. I hope to start a project soon in which I can sell my own pictures and donate part of the returns to charity. Photography allows me to express my experiences and ideas in the form of 10MB .JPG files.”

-Tim Blonk