UBC Brand Overview

UBC Brand Goals

The overall purpose of the UBC Brand is to increase the profile and reputation of UBC as a Tier One international research-intensive university and to create a renewed sense of affinity, pride and connection to the university amongst the multiple audiences we engage locally, nationally and internationally.

UBC Brand Positioning Statement

UBC is the tier one international research-intensive university that, better than any other, offers a fresh, open environment that provides the freedom to learn, discover and contribute in one’s own way.

UBC Brand Messaging

UBC is an inspiring place, where open thought and open speech can open doors to thinking that can change the world. UBC is a place of mind.

To find more about the ideas behind, encapsulating and represented by the tagline–just exactly what makes UBC a place of mind, visit the UBC Brand overview.

UBC Visual Identity

All memorable brands share one common characteristic: consistency. A brand becomes imprinted on the mind through a series of impressions made over time. If those impressions are aligned and consistent, the brand will build equity through recognition over time. The UBC visual identity program is designed to ensure that all UBC communications reflect the university with the consistency, effectiveness and visual integrity required to build brand equity.

The core of the UBC identity is the existing UBC logo, our name and the tagline a place of mind. These elements are packaged into easily recognizable formats that are called Brand signatures. The appropriate use of these elements enhances the university’s reputation, leverages quick recognition, reduces design costs and inefficiencies, and demonstrates both organizational purpose and accountability to diverse university stakeholders. Guidelines for use prevent other parties from trading improperly on the university’s reputation or infringing on its trademarked assets.

For more information about the UBC Brand and Visual Guidelines visit: http://www.publicaffairs.ubc.ca/ubcbrand/