A Brief History

With the procurement of a large outdoor digital sign and the need for a way to manage content on it, three campus units came together to solve the problem. UBC Public Affairs, UBC IT – AV Group (previously The UBC Media Group), and UBC IT worked on content, management software, and the infrastructure to support the software – subsequently, it became clear that digital signage offered amazing versatility in our ability to communicate with the UBC community and really needed further exploration and support.

From this initial foray into signage came a pilot project to look at multiple software and network solutions. Members of the pilot group included:

  • The Sauder School of Business
  • Irving K. Barber Learning Centre
  • The Museum of Anthropology
  • The Centre for Student Involvement in Brock Hall
  • The outdoor sign at Wesbrook Mall & University Boulevard

The results of this pilot determined that the CoolSign software package would be able to meet the diverse needs of UBC. Beyond the hardware and software solution to digital signage it became clear that content creation and supporting our various campus groups in creating high quality content would be essential to the success of digital signage.

That brings us to where we’re at now – in a position to package a service that will meet the needs of UBC units, their workflows, and support the development of this new communication tool across campus.