UBC Digital Signage Templates

Static digital signage templates are available to help the UBC Community create content for Digital Signage. These PowerPoint templates meet the standards of the Design Guidelines for UBC Digital Signage.

Downloading the Templates

Content Creators can download the templates using the UBC Brand Tag theme. This template theme has a number of format and colour options designed to provide varied layouts that can accommodate diverse assets. These formats are available in single and series modules.

UBC Brand Tag Colour Options

Within each layout there are four different options available for the UBC Brand Tag. The colour variations can be accessed by selecting layouts from the options panel. The Black UBC Brand Tag with a reverse (white) logo can be used on any image background as long as it meets the Design Guideline colour and contrast requirements.

UBC Blue UBC Grey White Black

Content Submission

The UBC Digital Signage Templates can be used for content that is developed for Unit Channels (local signage systems) as well as for submissions to the UBC Central Channel.


UBC Brand Tag Theme Layouts

Horizontal Upper Left (download)

Horizontal Upper Right (download)

Vertical Upper Left (download)

Vertical Upper Right

Vertical Lower Left

Vertical Lower Right


Series Using the UBC Brand

Vertical Upper Right, series of three


Generic Template without the UBC Brand

Generic Template without the UBC Brand